Thank you for bringing the power of LEGO® SeriousPLAY® to your team!


LEGO® SeriousPLAY® allows the participants to build their thoughts with LEGO® bricks. By doing this, participants are able to take the time needed to develop their thoughts, explain their thoughts in a 3D dimensional way which then allows everyone else on the team to better understand their thoughts and, in many cases, the participant is able to share deeper thoughts and feelings than they normally would have by just using words.


The following report contains the pictures of the models they built while answering the specifically designed questions. These pictures have been included so that you are able to look at them and get to know the team better as well.

Little Mushroom Catering.png

The Builds

Here are the specifically designed questions asked of the team.

1. What is the greatest strength that you believe you bring to the CAMTAC team?

2. What do you want to create as part of this team?

3. What challenge(s) do you see in attempting to create that?

4. What would support from this team look like to you?

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Thank you for allowing me to work with you team,

Jonathan Bosman

Founder and Lead Facilitator, ClutchPower Consulting

Client Report: Little Mushroom