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Let's go back, way back. All the way back to your first day of kindergarten. You walked in to that classroom and you...PLAYED. As you played, you learned. You learned how objects worked together, you learned how relationships work, you learned how the world worked...all through playing.

Year after year, play got pushed to the side until it was eventually reserved just for free time and down time.

But what if PLAY is our brain's favourite way of learning? How can we start to use the power of PLAY in the workplace? Let's explore how to PLAY with a PURPOSE.

~Diane Ackerman

"PLAY is your brain's

favourite way of learning."

ClutchPower's PLAY with a PURPOSE session will bring an energetic, thought provoking, and interactive segment to your conference or seminar.

Your attendees will have the opportunity to experience LEGO® SeriousPLAY® first hand, bringing them back to that kindergarten feeling of play; putting theory into action. 

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