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Does It Quack?

The “Duck Build” is the key start to most of the ClutchPower workshops for so many reasons. You can read our past #duckmonday posts to see more of the lessons that can be learned through this simple exercise, but the key reason for having it at the beginning, isn't actually for the lessons at all.

The number one reason for having this exercise is so that it can be used as a “skill building” exercise.

Skill building is key in our workshops because it is important for everyone to know “you can do it”. So many will walk into an event thinking that they are terrible at building with LEGO or that this is somehow going to be a competition or something they will fail at. By starting with these 6 simple pieces, we create a scenario where it is impossible to fail unless you choose not to participate.

Inevitably, someone will shout out “that’s not a duck!” or declare that what they made shouldn’t really count. And to this we respond “Does it Quack? (insert your best quacking sound here) Yup! Sure sounds like a duck to me.” And if you can build a duck, a ClutchPower workshop is the perfect place for you.

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